Student Opportunities

If you are interested in getting involved in the lab and our research then please contact Matti, Andrew, or Amy.  There are a few ways that you can be involved.

Lab Meetings

We typically have lab meetings once a week (Mondays at 1pm in A-118 this year) during the academic year. Coming to lab meetings is a great way to get started in the lab and to discover what it is we do. Lab meetings usually consist of journal clubs, discussions of research issues, and special topic presentations (ie. grad school, writing a CV, effective presentation skills, etc.). You are not obliged to participate in any way other than showing up, but we are a very welcoming group and encourage participation in every way.

*Contact Amy if you would like to be added to the lab meeting mailing list.


Typically students start out coming to lab meetings and then volunteer on research projects as they feel comfortable and opportunities arise. You will find out at lab meetings and through discussing with our other students, which projects we are currently working on and need help with. If you would like to volunteer in the lab then the first step is to contact Amy who will set you up with all of the training required (lab safety training, WHMIS, project/technique specific training, etc.). Volunteering is obviously not a paid lab position, but it will help facilitate your ability to get paid lab positions and coveted thesis spots in the future, plus it looks pretty good on med school applications and CVs. The earlier you start in the lab, the better!

Thesis Students

Matti and Andrew can both supervise 3 thesis students per year. Typically you will work with one of them if you are working on the Neuroscience Certificate. It is highly recommended that you start out in the lab well before your thesis year since a lot of training is required.

Research Assistants

We often have one or more paid positions in the lab through NipWorks, so you must qualify for that program. Students that have reliably volunteered in the lab will be given precedence over others for these paid positions. They are usually 10 hours a week and pay $10-$11/ hour.  These positions are usually for assisting Matti or Andrew with their research or assisting Amy with lab and animal care duties and research.


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