We are particularly proud of our numerous alumni who have gone on from our undergraduate lab to graduate careers. As graduates of the Nipissing NRU, they represent the caliber of researchers that Nipissing University is producing.

John Armstrong, PhD – Sessional Professor, Mount Royal University

Marcella Campbell, PhD, BNurs – Quality Practice Leader, Bethany Care Society

Kim Fisher, PhD –  Senior Regional Medical Liason, Amgend

Karen Gratten-Miscio, PhD – Clinical DIrector of Autism Intervention Program, HANDS

Jeff Kleim, PhD –  Associate Professor, Arizona State University

Susan Murtha, PhD –  Associate Professor, York University

Mike Osborne, MA

Stephanie Rees, PhD – University of Ottawa

Ruth Turner, PhD – Retired Staff Psychologist, Regional Psychiatric Hospital of Correctional Services Canada

Andrew Weeks, PhD – Associate Professor, Nipissing University

Tina Benevides, PhD – Assistant Professor, Nipissing University

Patrick C. Frankham, PhD, MBA – Director of Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs, BioAxone Therapeutique, Inc.

Leslie Hague, MSc

Preston Williams, PhD

Khara Sauro, PhD – McGill University

Amanda Poulin, PhD

Phil Nickerson, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Associate, Division of Neurosurgery, Dalhousie University

Trudi Stickland, PhD –

Michelle Black, PhD – Dalhousie University

Meghann Fior, MSc – University of Victoria

Mark Penner, MSc – University of Alberta

Steve Connor, PhD – University of Alberta

Carrie Baldwin, M.Sp.Path –

Andrew Moulden, BA, MA, MD, PhD

Please send us any updates and photos that you would like posted. We would like to eliminate any omissions on this page if we can! Thank you!!!


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